How to Begin and Learn Knitting

We can not deny that art crafts, especially knitting, is a part of a growing industrial world today. Although, maybe at first, this activity is a sideline activity and distribution of artistic hobbies and talents. Whether we realize it or not, knitting industry has been making a lot of dollars. And in fact, many people who choose it as the business activities of their knitting. Part of one another but remain in their positions to make the activities of knitting as a hobby and were satisfied with the artistic value of the results of their knitting project.


We have a lot of interest in craft began knitting and want to master these skills, but confused about how and where to learn. It is in Indonesia this activity has not as popular in Western countries, so that's not easy to find tools, materials, and resources for learning, both courses and books.
There are two kinds of knitting: crochet hook in Indonesia is more popular with the Dutch language term hook, is knit using one hand by means of a hooked needle on the end (hakpen).The second is to knit with two needles, known as breien (from the Dutch language as well), which is knitted using both hands with a long two pointed needles.
1. Selecting Tools and Materials


To start learning to knit, you need tools and materials for practice, because the best way to learn is to practice it immediately. Find info shop selling basic tools knitting: knitting yarn, and needles / hooks. Currently in Indonesia is still easier to find hooks for knitting tools more popular than knitting needles 2. Let you go to a store that sells yarn and tools feminine skills. Ask if they sell hakpen, breien needles, and thread. For the new study, find tools and materials for the medium size medium size yarn most easily found on the market. To dial, select a diameter of about 5 mm.
2. Learn the Techniques
Once you have the capital equipment and materials, time to start learning the basic techniques of knitting. To this there are several alternative roads to choose from. First, if you have a friend who can knit, ask him to teach you. Second, you can learn from books. Currently knitting books that circulated in Indonesia still imports of foreign language books, can be found at major book stores, or stores that sell knitting tools. Third, if you easily access the Internet, you can learn through a variety of sites to learn knitting in the internet. Many of the instructions is complete and easy to follow, even there is also equipped with a video. To this can be seen in here. Fourth, you can find knitting courses in your city. Some stores also provide a means of knitting courses facilities. In places like this are usually tools and materials include course fees so you do not have to bother looking for her first.


3. Choosing First Knitting Project
When I started learning, I often meet with such obstacles as desperate trouble, do not do it consistently, or bored. Therefore, choose something simple but interesting as your first knitting project. How simple but interesting? Simple, it means only using the basic techniques and not many 'games' form or color. Interestingly, in the sense that something about you will use and enjoy when it's finished. There is one more significant. Choose a project about will not take long to do it. Scarf makes it easy, but the process is long because the long form. Rather than happy, even you tired of working and abandoned in the middle of the road. Some simple projects, interesting, and quickly you can answer phone packs for example, small handbags, headbands / bandanas, or hats.

4. Some Tips
Here are some tips for starting a new learns of knitting:
- Do not despair when making a mistake. Open your knitting to the wrong place earlier, fix, and continue again. Believe me, you will be more satisfied with the results.
- Do not expect the result will be perfect. Just remember if you are learning, there is little wrong reasonable here and there. You will do better, still learning.
- Work knitting little visible results so quickly. Once completed you will be satisfied has completed a jersey with your own hands, and eager to immediately want to start another knitting.


Happy Knitting…

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